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Swimming: Do you have any excuse not to swim?

I am a father and I swim. I am a mother and I swim. I am pregnant and I swim. I have a baby and I swim. Why is swimming good for mums and dads? Swimming has the power to improve the lives of children, families, from an early age! Swimming and the water may not solve your current problem, but they will give you some space to look at it from a different perspective… So, don’t be lazy and start swimming today.

Swimming often helps me stay focused on my parenting alpinism, even when the things get hard, it doesn’t let me give up. Swimming gives me a chance to slow down a bit with all my other tasks and spend quality time with my family and my kids. Each stroke I make gives me a chance to think again about the actions and mistakes popping up in my parenting path.

Once they get children, the majority of men, with a few honourable exceptions, become totally negligent… They start neglecting their health, the way they look, because, oh boy, now they have their own haven. On the contrary, that it the very time you should pay some extra attention to your well-being, and your health, since by doing so, you give an example and you will feel more responsible to yourself and to your family, children.

Why is swimming good for daddies?

  • Because you’ll be able to reach down and tie your child’s shoelaces without feeling a pain in your knees

  • You will reduce your «love handles» and button up you jacket, and even jump into your boyhood jeans and put on the shirt from your own wedding

  • You will clear your head from the thoughts about work and home, at least for a bit

  • You will be more pleased with yourself, physically and mentally!

  • Your wife will fall in love with you again… and perhaps she’ll want to swim with you together again

  • You will be brave enough to accept the challenge from you colleagues for a business league, or workers’ sport games, without suffering a lower back injury at the first minute of the game (or God forbid to get home by the ambulance). Swimming will reduce the pain in your back, legs, arms, neck…

  • You will have more energy for yourself, more patience for others (both on public transport, at a counter, in a shop…)

  • By entering the water, you will gradually overcome the fear of water which has been an obstacle, and now you feel relaxed and calm

  • You will have a short time away from all the gadgets, digital channels, monitors... and reset your body and brain…

  • Because swimming is like writing, reading, a basic cultural habit! It is never too late to learn how to do it, not even in your 50s…

Today's dads are a big support to moms when it comes to swimming from the earliest age, they are open to new things, education, they are more ready to show feelings in the water, genuine emotions that mean a lot to children, as well as to the whole family. More and more dads come to the pool and swim with their babies. Some of them are more relaxed at the beginning, while some need more time to gain confidence in themselves and parenting skills in the water… However, when they recognise the touch that water gives, dads get more confident and gentler with children as they swim and play together.

How should a modern woman integrate swimming in her life? Why should women swim more? Why is swimming good for mummies? We should discuss this topic more often so that our mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, neighbours, colleagues could be much more pleased and healthier!

Why should women and mother swim more?

  • Because swimming is like writing, reading, a basic life habit!

  • Because want it or not, with your personal example you have an impact on your child, people around you when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Because you will be more rested, fresher, in better mood for yourselves and for the people around you…

  • You will love yourselves more, and we will love you more too!

  • You will reduce the pain in you back, shoulders, neck…

  • You can swim while you’re pregnant and keep your body and mind fit

  • When you get a baby, that is a reason more why you should jump into the pool, get your head cool at least for a bit, someone will take care of the baby

  • You will have at least an hour without your children and the well-known cries, noise and bickering…

  • By getting into the water, step by step, you can overcome the long-lasting fear from water, and what is even more important, you won’t pass it on to your dearest ones, children

  • You will be more self-reliant, you’ll get you self-esteem back, regardless of the old or a new swimming suit… and after swimming you will have some time for yourself to go to your hairdresser’s and have a cup of coffee with your best friend!

Children who swim with their mother from the earliest age have the opportunity to bring aquatic magic into their childhood, and also some new emotion. As they are swimming with their mother, the warmth and joy will conquer them and establish a sense of security. As they swim together, they develop properly, progress much faster and build their relationship with each other in a unique and memorable way.

Have you got any more excuses, or you’re already in the pool, having your time?

Both theory and practice agree that swimming is a perfect choice of physical activity for pregnant women. Through my experience of working with both pregnant women and babies, I can say that swimming is one of the most enjoyable activities during those nine months.

My wife who has always been a hyperactive person, continued with her activities even during her pregnancy. Of course with the prior doctor’s approval. She continued to swim during her pregnancy at least once a week for about half an hour. Breaststroke technique was her favourite, but sometimes she would just get into the water and “lie around”, without any particular activity. She was always smiling after that and had a very good sleep.

During her second pregnancy she was active too, and she would take our little shark together with her to the baby swimming lessons where they both enjoyed being in the water. I can definitely say that the swimming really helped her during the pregnancy to make her feel more relaxed and prepared for both child labours, and trust me, both of those were super quick! Also, both times the recovery period went rather smoothly.

My children knew how to swim before they learnt how to walk

My children have been in the water since the age of four months. That does not mean they had trainings every day… but that they got relaxed enough to enjoy the water. They learnt how to swim with a smile on their face, while playing in the water and around it. Little Shark learnt how to swim when he was two and a half, while Little Fish made her first swimming strokes when she was three.

Every child should learn to swim, but above all to enjoy, play, be satisfied and relaxed in and around the water, from their very first contact with the water. I believe that parents who can give their babies swimming as a “gift”, and who can enjoy the water with their children from the first day, provide themselves and the child with unique moments in the process of growing up.

Swimming BRINGS BACK children into the focus of their mum and dad! Swimming BRINGS a smile on the face of mums and dads. Swimming REMINDS mums and dads of the rhythm which triggers and turns around everything. Swimming CONQUERS the hearts of mums and dads. Swimming BRINGS peace of mind to mums and dads, even when there is a turmoil in every single “puddle”. Swimming EMPHASISES the importance of proper breathing – when mum chokes on water, dad stops. Swimming HELPS mums and dads bring the feeling of warmth and freshness into their homes. Swimming REPLENISHES their personal and parental self-esteem. Swimming KEEPS the family SAFE.

Swimming has the power to improve the lives of children, families, from an early age!

Swimming can play a special role in the life of every boy, girl and their family, if we allow it to happen. It is a "virtual battlefield" for them and an opportunity to grow by mastering various disciplines that water and swimming can bring along, but also the opportunity to connect them with the great values ​​the life places before them, their family and the society in and around the water.

As much as they need roots, they also need wings. Swimming gives them strong roots they get from a strong connection with water from an early age, while their "wings" grow while expanding their horizons, learning things with a confident person beside who introduces them to the aquatic world!

Swimming connecting the family.

Especially when it’s going through hard times. How? Water washes away and takes away all the negative things, and brings about positive energy. Swimming creates family magic. It is more beautiful in the water and around it when we are not alone. When we are with our family! Why? Because there is no better playground where we all can play. Water takes us back to our childhood, makes special moments, creates memories, erases “boundaries”, alleviates fears. Swimming makes a family strong and united! With swimming, families and children feel safer, and that is something both parents should ensure, both moms and dads. And dads should always be there, in the water and around it… to "spice it up" as much as possible, to make swimming a more interesting, unique experience.

Let the daddies get back to the pool right away!

So that the mommies can regain their energy, as they may.

My relay race is my family.

Swimming and family are quite similar if you observe them from the perspective of a parent. In a family, mum and dad find the ways to make a certain situation into a proper solution for different personalities of family members on daily basis. The same goes with swimming, the coach is the one who knows each one of them as individuals and knows who can be expected to give the best effort for the benefit of the team in the relay race. At the end of the day, when the „family“ gathers at the table or next to the pool, the unresolved issues are resolved, both individual and collective ones. It is then when the plans for the relay race are made!

The team standing behind every word, picture, turn, jump in the Swimming Dad concept is my family. And at least once a week, we swim a mixed 4x100 relay race. We put inside all the good and bad things which took place during the week, which make our everyday life, and which make us learn and make us a stronger relay race team – family!

Forget about the excuses and start swimming today!

Swimming, peace and silence in the water, helped so many times to cheer me up and empower myself, in the moments when my father was ill and fighting for his life, when my wife was in labour twice and I was far away, feeling helpless, expecting the news about the babies. Swimming relaxes both one’s body and soul, that’s why it is my sanctuary of peace and silence.

At that time, I was not allowed to have an excuse without going into the pool and swimming. And you?

Don’t be lazy and start swimming today.

Life is better when you are swimming!


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