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Swimming: How can mums and their children swim together?

She loves swimming. She used to swim. Now she doesn’t have time for that. Why? Because she is a mother. How can a mother of small children, having no one to give her a hand and look after the children for an hour or so, swim?!

How can a mum swim while having her kids around in the pool? Here I’m not talking about her and the kids splashing in the shallow water while she is looking after them. I’m talking about swimming from one pool’s end to the another without putting swim rings and inflatable arm bands on her children all the time. I’ve given some thought to this topic. I observed my family first. I wanted my wife to swim, but really swim, without having to wait for her turn to jump into the pool or to explain to others why she needs someone to look after the children while she’s at the pool.

How can a mum swim while having her kids around?

When I started looking for an option for this, I realised my family is not the only one having this issue. I didn’t have a magic wand of course and all I did was rearranging the current “mom, kids, swimming” situation. How could a mum swim with her three-year-old daughter and four-year-old son together?

These are some of the tips for mums who would like to swim with their kids:

Breaststroke technique. A three-year-old girl was holding on to her mum’s shoulders, while the boy next to her was using a noodle (or the so-called spaghetti). The mum managed to swim 50m or twice of that distance. The girl was helping her mum by working with her own legs in the water as she was holding on to her mum. Despite that, mum could barely breathe. She was out of shape of course, and she had also never had to swim with 13kg placed on her back at the same time. But she never gave up. As her kids started feeling more comfortable in the water, the noodle was soon replaced by a

swimming kickboard.

To give herself a bit of a rest while swimming, she offered Noodles to both of the kids. We’re still talking about the breaststroke technique. The mum was swimming in the middle, as her kids were swimming on her side, holding on to the Noodle now. They had to work with their legs of course in order to follow their mum. To make the thing even more interesting to them, and to make it possible for herself to keep swimming, the Noodle soon became a little horse the kids could ride, while paddling with their hands at the same time as if they were in a boat.

Backstroke swimming. To give herself and her kids some time to rest, mum started with backstroke swimming. How could she do it with her kids around? The Noodle here was of great help. The kids turned on their back and their mum placed the Noodle under their back so that they could float. She did it with one kid first, while the other kid was waiting at the pool’s edge, and then they all swam together and enjoyed it very much.

At one point, the mum tried the front crawl and, trust me, I couldn’t tell who of them enjoyed it more… While the kids were swimming on their mum’s side, as she was swimming in the middle, they never knew which side the mum would choose for taking a breath and surprise them with a smile while getting some air! The whole pool was bursting with children’s contagious laugher!

To bring something new to their swimming, the mother knew that while one child was safe with the Noodle on the "island", she could dive with the other one up to the "buried" treasure at the bottom of the pool.

When the children eventually had enough of swimming and when the water exhausted them pretty much, it was the moment when the mother had her time for some real swimming. How? She tucked the three-year-old girl and the four-year-old boy into a towel on a chair and gave them their favourite fruit and a picture book. When they calmed down and let the fatigue take them over, they finally fell asleep. So, while they were sleeping, the mother could swim a little bit more.

All this may seem a little tiring for mums, but believe me, after the second or third time of getting into the pool with her kids in this way, swimming became an adventure for everyone. As time passed, the children grew up, felt more confident in the water, and the mom used every single moment to swim on her own, but also with them.

The point is that the mother had the opportunity to swim!

Did the children already know how to swim when their mother swam with them in this way? Yes, their mother used to swim with them during her pregnancy. Yes, they have had the opportunity to be in the water ever since they were fourth months old. Yes, they knew how to stay afloat, what they were allowed and what they were not allowed to do in the water. Yes, they were not afraid of deep water, water in general, because they had their mum there with them and her safe hand within reach. Yes, while they were playing in and under the water, they felt comfortable. In the first place, they felt safe.

How, then, can other mothers embark on such an adventure when their children are not swimmers at the age of three or four? Easily. Give them a chance to get acquainted with water from an early age. Enrol them in a swimming school as soon as possible, or bring them to baby swim lessons. Meanwhile mums, stay a safe haven for them in the water. If mum is relaxed, the kids will also enjoy it and swim with you. Don't rush them, and the tip for all mums is never to give up on swimming even when the children are too small, and when they don't have any help around! Of course, if you really want to swim, and if it makes you happy.

Children who swim with their mother from the earliest age have the opportunity to bring aquatic magic into their childhood, and also some new emotion. As they are swimming with their mother, the warmth and joy will conquer them and establish a sense of security. As they swim together, they develop properly, progress much faster and build their relationship with each other in a unique and memorable way.

Why should mothers swim?

  • Because, want it or not, with your own behaviour and healthy lifestyle you give an example to your kids and your environment.

  • Because your skin will be fresh, your face will beam, and your heart will be thrilled, not only for your own sake, but for the sake of all others around you…

  • Keep yourself fit, both physically and mentally.

  • Inspire other women by showing them that if they are committed to swimming, they can swim also when they become mothers. As once you become a mother the world won’t stop because of that, it will become even more hectic. So, keep the pace, breathe properly and swim.

  • You will have more energy and you will stay in shape.

  • You will simply love yourself more and others will love you more too!

Enjoy swimming and let the water lead you.

Trust it and it will take you to the place you want to go to!

Life is more beautiful when you’re swimming!


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