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Blog guest: Stefan Šorak

Stefan Šorak, a multiple swimming champion of Serbia and a national long-distance swimming record holder, as well as a Swimming World Cup medallist, is speaking for Swimming Dad about what he thinks about while swimming and whether he enjoys the silence while practicing.

What do you usually think about when swimming?

As you mentioned in your intro, being a long and medium distance swimmer, I have plenty of time for thinking. I have various types of thoughts during the training. Of course, it really depends on the training itself and whether it allows me to think about anything else but swimming. I usually reflect on things I need to do on that day, about my daily tasks, how to better organise myself, and as we tend to eat a lot, I spend a lot of time planning my meals)).

There are situations when we end up fooling around under water, play with each other… in that way we try to make swimming from wall to another more fun. However, certain trainings do not allow for this and then I am really focused on what I need to do, my technique, swimming laps that are to come, how to balance my strength and rhythm.

Do you enjoy the underwater silence, and when do you have time to be alone with your thoughts?

Most of the time I find silence enjoyable, as I am used to being on my own with my thoughts. Swimming is such type of sport that we don’t really have much choice. But sometimes, being alone with your thoughts can be a rather negative experience. Because you can start overthinking things, or sometimes if I feel bad those negative thoughts can affect my training routine and I am not able to give my best.

How do you encourage yourself in those moments of crisis during the training or a race?

As far as potential crisis during the training or competition is concerned, I am always looking for a certain type of motivation that can help me. That could be competing with some of my swimming buddies, focus on a specific type of technique that I am really nailing during that training, or even aiming for a particular prize that I might win if I swim well during the training or a race.


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