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Blog guest: Djordje Markovic

Djordje Markovic, who swam 400m freestyle for the Serbian national team at the London Olympic Games in 2012, as a Swimming Dad #Blog guest talks about his life at the seaside and what type of adrenaline water sports he likes. Djordje also used to be a Serbian national 200m and 400m freestyle record holder, and he also took part in many European and world competitions carrying the flag of Serbia. After the Olympic Games in London he decided to end his professional swimming career. He now lives and works in Australia.

When you go on holiday, which one do you prefer, the sea or the swimming pool?

To be perfectly honest, it took me a while after my professional career to start to relax and enjoy the water the way other people do, no matter whether I was in the swimming pool or in the sea. I believe this was, especially when I was an active swimmer, due to water reminding me of work and trainings.

Do you find any “adrenaline” water sports attractive, and have you tried any?

I have always been attracted to water sports, especially surfing. However, I had a very negative experience with waves when I was young. Today this doesn’t prevent me from surfing, but I am very careful with the waves.

In your opinion, is life in a coastal city an advantage or disadvantage?

I can easily say that life in a coastal city is very attractive. Since I currently live and work in Sydney, sun, water, and the smell of the sea, have a very soothing and calming effect on me, especially after a long and intense day at work. One of the main advantages of the coastal city is that you are always able to pop over to the beach. That’s why I love spending my weekends at the seaside. The beach is a perfect place to meet my friends, relax, enjoy in every possible way, both actively or just by walking by the sea.


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