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10 reasons: Why is swimming good for daddies?

Once they get children, the majority of men, with a few honourable exceptions, become totally negligent… They start neglecting their health, the way they look, because, oh boy, now they have their own haven. On the contrary, that it the very time you should pay some extra attention to your well-being, and your health, since by doing so, you give an example and you will feel more responsible to yourself and to your family, children.

I know, most of you would come up with: Yeah, but how, when… every single free moment I get, I want to spend it with my dudes watching a good match, with my family, relaxing, etc. I know, I’ve been there; when you’re so exhausted and you just can’t help falling asleep while standing up, or when you find yourself at your best friends’ house while they’re talking about something very important, or at dinner when your wife’s explaining something to you, or while you’re reading a story to your kids.. And then, at one point you suddenly realise that you mustn’t let the haven make you feel that relaxed. You realise that if you don’t become stronger because of yourself, and because of your family, the ship will sail away from the haven.

This is why you daddies should forget about all the excuses; don’t be lazy and start swimming today.


  • Because you’ll be able to reach down and tie your child’s shoelaces without feeling a pain in your knees

  • You will reduce your «love handles» and button up you jacket, and even jump into your boyhood jeans and put on the shirt from your own wedding

  • You will clear your head from the thoughts about work and home, at least for a bit

  • You will be more pleased with yourself, physically and mentally!

  • Your wife will fall in love with you again… and perhaps she’ll want to swim with you together again

  • You will be brave enough to accept the challenge from you colleagues for a business league, or workers’ sport games, without suffering a lower back injury at the first minute of the game (or God forbid to get home by the ambulance). Swimming will reduce the pain in your back, legs, arms, neck…

  • You will have more energy for yourself, more patience for others (both on public transport, at a counter, in a shop..)

  • By entering the water, you will gradually overcome the fear of water which has been an obstacle, and now you feel relaxed and calm

  • You will have a short time away from all the gadgets, digital channels, monitors.. and reset your body and brain…

  • Because swimming is like writing, reading, a basic cultural habit! It is never too late to learn how to do it, not even in your 50s…

Have you packed your bag for the pool yet?

Kudos to all daddies who have already swam 50m.

Be persistent and swim at least once a week.


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