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Why is summer the right time for your children to learn how to swim?

The perfect time for your child to learn how to swim is the time when he/she feels ready for it, regardless of the season. However, the practice shows that summer is somehow the most relaxing period for getting in touch with the water for the first time. If you ask me, these are just a few out of many reasons to enrol your child in a swim school during summer months.

Three “scorching” reasons which make summer the right time for your child to learn how to swim:

1. Refreshing with no fear: Apart from the fact that swimming makes children refreshed in any aspect, parents are likely to give up on taking their children to swimming during winter months. They say that their children are freezing there rather than swimming, and some of them get ill. That can be true. This is why summer is a big ally to non-swimmers and beginners. The water is much more pleasant and the air temperature too, so the kids could enjoy it and play while learning how to swim. On the other hand, their mums will feel less worried about whether their young ladies will manage to dry their hair easily. Summer will do its part. Swimming in summer will boost the immune system of your children and make them ready for the cold days.

2. Keeping their energy high: How and where can they channel their energy during hot summer days, without getting “burnt”? In the water, naturally. Swimming is a safe and healthy way of channelling the extra energy children get during the summer heat. Trust me, when they are in the pool learning how to swim in summer, the children will also learn how to make safe jumps into the water and dive. They will renew their energy in a right way. Apart from that, they will feel much more fulfilled, and they will sleep better. Encouraging your children to swim, not only during summer months, will help them develop healthy habits and start creating a healthy lifestyle from the very early age.

3. Feeling relaxed and having more fun: Fun has become the major part of children’s life, and throwing summer birthday parties at the pools has become a trend even when the kids are very young. It is summer, it is hot, and children need some good fun. But you haven’t let your child go to the whole-day pool birthday party thrown by his/her friend. You did not dare to do so because you know he/she isn’t a good swimmer without the swimming armbands and without you being around. You did the right thing, but for how long will you let it happen? This is why this summer is the right time for your child to learn how to swim and float, without using any props. Enrol your child in a swim school now so that you could be more relaxed and so that you could make your child feel safer and happier.

Swimming is not just another way of having fun during summer months, it is an important life skill every child should master.

Your child already knows how to swim. In that case summer is also ideal for learning some new water skills and advancing the old ones:

  • Feeling safe in the water: In summer, children spend more time outdoors, often near some water (a river, lake, pool, sea)… No matter if your child already knows how to swim or not, the question is: does he/she know what to do and how to behave in emergency situations in and around the water, and how to stay safe? Drowning usually occurs very quietly, taking away those dearest to our heart very quickly.

By attending the programme “Safety in and around the water” the swimming children can learn: advanced personal and life-saving skills through a play, including turning to a side, underwater turns, floating with and without using any props and how to behave after jumping or falling into the water. Every professional swim club has this type of education for all the swimmers. You should go and ask if your club provides the training on safety in the water this summer, and if it does, go and enrol your child.

  • Sumer swim camps: No matter if the school is over and the summer break has started, here is no time-off for parents in summer. Indeed, it is much easier as there is no homework, school snacks, dropping them off and picking them up from school…However, once children have enough time to relax, sleep and get rest from their school tasks, and once they get bored with the everyday activities, the moment they open their eyes in the morning they come up with the questions like: What are we doing today? Well, then is the right time to enrol them in a summer swim camp. No matter if it takes place in your neighbourhood or somewhere else, even outside the city.

Why? Because that summer swim camp will provide intensive trainings which will help your child improve certain swimming techniques and acquire some new skills important for the activities in the water and around it. Of course, the interaction your child has with his/her peers while swimming will improve his/her social skills, which always bring along emotions. You as parents will know it for sure that you child is having a quality time during the summer break. Of course, if it’s only you who wants it, you can forget about swimming and wasting your time and money. You should respect your child’s wishes during summer breaks too.

Has your child managed to learn how to swim this summer?

If not, enrol him/her in a summer swim school today.

He/she will love it.


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