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Toys are all around

A friend of mine asked me when I opened my car boot on the way from the beach: Are you moving house? I laughed. No, no, no… I am not moving house, just that my boot is full of stuff from today’s trip to the beach.

I think it’s the parent’s destiny, especially those who like me have kids younger than three, to always carry some toys, books, things for kids… It’s even worse when you have two kids who are under three. If just one of them takes a toy, there’s no way the other would be left emptyhanded. That’s why, wherever I go, I keep seeing toys all around me: in the car, under the car seat, in the bag, closet, laundry basket, cooking pot… it’s no different when we go to

the beach.

This is not much of a problem when your kids are still using a stroller, because the handles can carry a lot of weight, and not just your back, especially if you need an extra finger to carry one more bag stuffed with things. But once they outgrow the stroller, then you need to be very selective not only about the toys, but about everything you need for the beach. Now I understand my best man who threw away all the toys and left his kids with only one each. I actually started carrying only a small bucket and a shovel. When I think about it, it’s quite true, because if we decide to play with the plastic toys at the beach we are only going to dig holes and carry water.

I find it much easier now, and what about you?


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