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The magic of Christmas…

As the holidays are approaching, the end of the year euphoria is getting stronger. We are all reflecting on the past year, making plans for the next one, thinking of new year’s resolutions… buying presents, new Christmas trees and decorations, but also making and sending Christmas cards. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

What I’ve noticed recently, at least at our own home, is that each year our Christmas tree got bigger. Last Christmas it even reached the ceiling. However, this year is somehow different. The tree got really small, somehow a mini-tree compared to the one last year. Nevertheless, the magic around it is much greater!

First time in 30 years I decided to cut, glue, draw and make Christmas cards for the grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends... Together with my kids I enjoyed fooling around, throwing confetti and paper snowballs… although when we needed to clean the room it was really pain the neck J. Together with my little shark and my little fish I became that carefree child I once used to be.

Yes, that is the true Christmas magic!

Therefore, in 2018, I wish you would find more time for yourself, your family and kids, have fun with them, and of course go for swimming. Make each day filled with magic!


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