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Swimming at a mountain, a break from the sea

Ever since I’ve been travelling with my kids to the sea by car, the place where to take a break is something I plan in advance. At least a short break, to make the trip to the sea bearable for myself and for them. And we don’t spend our breaks in restaurants by the road, or at those nearby resorts, I have never done it on my own either. If I’m taking a break, I want it to be a good and refreshing one for all. The first thing I do is to find the mountain that we need to cross on our way to the sea, or a rustic village at the mountain’s foot. Once I find a place convenient for the break, I’m looking for a swimming pool there.

Why choosing a mountain and swimming for a break on your way to the sea, instead of a restaurant?

A perfect combination for a break on your way to the sea is a mountain and a swimming pool. Why? Because, swimming in the pool and spending time at that altitude will shortly accelerate your blood circulation, regenerate your organism, enrich the grey matter of your brain, and as a

relaxed and refreshed driver your will cope with the traffic more easily.

You will be refreshed: No matter if you’re making a two-hour break or a half-day break on your way to the sea, a swimming pool and swimming itself will refresh the entire family, making you all ready for the adventures to come. If you don’t feel like swimming, you can always relax in the spa, while the other parent is playing and swimming with the children in the pool. Of course, you can take turns. Once you are back at your wheel, you will feel much rested, and the children much calmer until you reach your final destination.

Swimming at a high altitude is relaxing: Before you take a break in the mountains, find a swimming pool offering both indoor and outdoor activities. No matter if it’s foggy at the moment, or even only 10°C, you won’t mind it at all when you’re with your kids swimming in the pool. An outdoor swimming pool with hot water of 32°C in the mountains is a blessing you should afford, especially if you had a late night working before you set off early in the morning. Take a break and swim, at least for an hour, because the mountain view you will have through the water haze as you swim is just amazing. You will see, the kids will love it, and you will recharge your batteries for the remaining part of your trip to the sea.

You will get additional energy: Mountain air simply regenerates your body, mind and bloodstream. This is the reason why paediatricians recommend taking children to the mountains to boost their immune system. I know, I know it’s necessary to have at least seven days for that, but if you don’t have time due to the limited number of days off, the least you can do is to make a break in the mountains on your way to the sea. It’s much healthier and nicer to swim in the mountains than sit in a restaurant while taking a break. You will ensure additional energy to your organism and to your children, the one which the sea air and swimming in the sea cannot…

It boosts your mood: You don’t know the number of times you got angry while driving, especially because of summer traffic jams. Experts say that after about 20 minutes of swimming, the body starts producing endorphin i.e. happiness hormone, which means that swimming will boost your mood and make you feel relieved. So, there you have a recipe for a nice break on your way to the sea. Swimming in the mountains with your loved ones will make you feel happier and special, since, after all, you’re on holiday.

Mountains are magical in summer.

Take a break on your way to the sea.

Go for swimming instead of a restaurant.

Is there anything better than getting refreshed in the mountain swimming pool during the summer heat and a stressful trip!


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