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Rainy adventure

When autumn comes with its cold rain, somehow most of us decide to stay at home, in a warm place, watch films or read books… Honestly, autumn and rain have never been close to my heart. However, since I became a dad, I have started looking at them a bit differently. We have even managed to become friends, even though that autumn grey weather and constant sound that the raindrops make on the window, can become annoying and to last far too long.

Today, I am really looking forward to the rainy weather, because I will be jumping into puddles with my little shark and fish. We just put on our rain coats, wellies, “supersonic waterproof” suits and off we go. The umbrellas are optional. The moment we get out we conquer each and every puddle, both big and small ones. In about twenty minutes in the rain, we get soaking wet and completely covered in mud, because we need to explore everything, even the worms. 

One of our neighbours, who needed to go out in the rain, said to us: It’s nice that you allow them to play in the rain, and role in the mud. That really made me laugh. When will they have the opportunity to do that if not now when they are kids. Probably they will never have time for the puddles when they grow up. Of course, it is a bit of a hassle to take off all those wet clothes, put them to wash, and then give the kids a warm bath, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it even more when we see a quince pie and warm tea on the table.

It is unbelievable how quickly the childhood days go by, and why we should allow our children, and ourselves, to enjoy it. Try out your own rainy adventure and of course the quince pie, because there is even a famous Serbian song... “autumn is coming my little Quince”


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