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It’s not hard to be nice!

I believe that each parent decides to lead by example and takes time to explain to his/her child how to behave at the table, how to hold the spoon, not to slurp the soup, not to chew loudly or talk with the mouthful, to wipe his/her hands and mouth after the meal, etc. I also wish to believe that we all learned not to throw used paper and other rubbish around the house, not to stick your chewing gum to the carpet, or chair, not to spit on the floor, to flush and wash your hands every time you use the toilet. I really want to believe in all this!

House rules exist not only in the privacy of your own home but also in public places, such as swimming pools. First of all, they exist so they could maintain a certain order and then for our own safety.

So, when you take your child to a swimming pool, whether for the swimming lessons or just as a weekend family activity, would you like to see clean changing rooms, that the showers have all required parts? Or to have a chewing gum stuck to your swimming costume or flip-flops? Do you think that the same rule applies, just like at home, that you should flush the toilet after use, and that the paper should be thrown into the bin? Would you enjoy swimming in a dirty swimming pool? Would you…

Just in case, I would like to mention some basic rules how to behave at the swimming pool, because I want to believe that it’s not hard to be nice:

  • Water in the swimming pool is clean, and it should stay like that after every swimmer. Babies should wear the appropriate swim diapers, while older kids should use the toilet. And so should their parents.

  • Each swimming pool needs to be treated by certain water purifiers, therefore you should explain to your children that they should close their eyes when diving/swimming, if their eyes are too sensitive, or just get them a pair of goggles.

  • It is recommended that you have a shower before and after using the swimming pool. In that way we protect both our and the health of other swimmers.

  • It is strictly forbidden to run around the pool as well as jump diving. Many kids actually manage to injure themselves and sprain their wrist, ankle, or even break them just because they take this warning for granted.

  • You shouldn’t have any food or drinks around the swimming pool. If it is allowed by any chance, make sure you collect all the rubbish after yourselves.

  • It may sound silly, but you should wear a proper swimming suit and cap at the pool! Yes, your long hair is a beautiful thing, but it can affect the cleanliness of the water as well as cause injuries. For example: Once I was sitting and chatting with a good friend of mine at the swimming pool, when I noticed a 10-year-old girl with really long hair trying to practice her crawl technique. At one moment she turned her head on the side to get some air, but in that moment all that beautiful hair ended up in her mouth and she started choking on both her hair and the water. Fortunately, she was close to the edge of the pool, so all ended well. Next time when I met her at the swimming pool, she had a beautiful pink swimming cap!

Apart from these maybe simple rules, each swimming pool has its own housekeeping rules. Sometimes it is useful to remind yourselves and your children of them, because it seems that they tend to forget all those rules we teach them once they leave their homes. Whether we want it or not, it’s just the way it is. Therefore, be patient, and stay consistent and dedicated to lead by your own example because the swimming pool is also someone’s home and it deserves good manners!

I really want to believe that it’s not hard to be nice!


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