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Easter Colours

Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed different family gatherings, holidays that would always bring new colours and smiles into our home.

I remember how my granny used to get us together for Easter when I was still a boy. On Good Friday we would help her paint the eggs. Each of her grandchildren was supposed to paint one red egg as their house protector until the next Easter. Of course, we would end up having more dye on our hands than on the eggs. Usually there were some eggs missing, because we managed to break them. However, what wasn’t missing were the heaps of

laugh and joy in our children’s creativity.

On Easter Day, at my granny’s place, the custom was to knock each other’s eggs for breakfast. Sometimes our parents would use a wooden egg to try to beat us in this game. Nevertheless, I was always the winner in egg tapping in my family. But as of this year, given that I’m a dad now, the competition has become much stronger. My little shark and fish have really prepared for it.

Ever since I started my own “little” family, I have tried to pass over all the joys of Easter that my granny taught me, as well as the customs and the relevance of family gatherings.

I wish you a happy and colourful Easter with your loved ones.


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