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Do swimmers have home or they are in the swimming pool all the time?

Almost everybody has most certainly had a hangover at some point…

You wake up in the morning and for a moment you forget where you are and what you are doing there. Are these walls the walls of my room, my granny’s house, the weekend house, or is it a ceiling of a hotel room god knows where?

There is no need to panic, you don’t suffer from the “confused wakefulness” disorder. It’s just that you’ve been “on wheels” for quite some time lately, in the air, from one side of the world to the other.

While I was secretary general of the Serbian Swimming Federation, it happened to me that due to a very busy schedule of swimming competitions and numerous seminars, I was away from home for almost up to three months.

There were moments when I would land for just two or three days and then move on… From Asia to America...

Most of us would say: come on, you travel, have fun, meet new people, see the world, while being paid for all that. Precisely.

On one hand it is priceless. While on the other you sometimes get sick and tired of “someone else’s” beds, different smells of morning coffee…

You simply start missing “your” sun, sky and stars… your home, home smells, family, friends, especially around holidays.

How much time do swimmers spend at home in one year?

Do they have free time at all during holidays?

Everybody knows that NBA players have matches for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Imagine tennis players who literally just pass through their homes, because of the dynamics imposed by the competitions and matches… for the club, for the national team, preparations, etc.

If swimmers multiply the average swimming kilometres, on daily basis they swim on average 5 km, which is 55 km in a week, with 52 weeks in a year, they will get around 2,860 km, and if they multiply that number with four years (of the Olympic cycle), they will get the crazy figure of 11,440 km. It is not far from the truth!

One can really wonder if they are ever at home or they are in the swimming pool all the time.

To be specific: Do you know what the width of the Atlantic is?

It goes from 2,848 km between Brazil and Liberia, and up to around 4,830 km between the USA and North Africa!

Now you probably have a clearer picture of the swimming kilometres swimmers make in a year, and the amount of time they spend in the swimming pool.

Has swimming, and sport in general, become so cruel nowadays, so the athletes often do not know where their home is?

Trust me, sometimes it’s rather difficult to tell where you are, when you are high in the sky, in the middle of nowhere. However, if you are somewhere far away on business or because of the preparations for a big competition, there is always a tiny little thing which can help you to feel like at home.

The thing which helped me and still does to alleviate homesickness when I’m far away from my family, especially around holidays:

1. Daily postcard or letter. When was the last time you sent a letter or a postcard, not to mention it as a daily routine which you continually repeat for months? Yes, it’s a piece of paper with a beautiful picture and a stamp and a couple of lines on it… It’s the piece of paper which makes the other person smile while reading it, and you feel well, somewhere far away.

2. Morning swimming. For me it is a relief, especially in summer months;

3. Chat with dear people. People are glad when you remember to say hi, even just with a how are you question, especially when you’re far away from them. Paying attention to dear people is a nice thing but also the fact that they remember you, and it is not only for your birthday or when they need something from you; It’s enough to hear “How’re you? What’s up…?

4. A good book or a film. They are always there to keep your mood up after a hard and long day, somewhere far away.

All these trips, swimming from one end of the world to the other make sense only if you have a home to go back to, even if that home is someone’s heart, smile, or a warm hug. Because, your home is usually not the place where you were born, but your micro world where you become who you are.

How much time you are spending at home and how much somewhere far away?


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