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Charge your batteries and swim: day break, nap…

Do you have time to take a nap or break during the day? Has a nap really become a matter of luxury nowadays?

In order to balance the right amount of daily tasks, both physical and mental activities, quality break or nap are essential during the day for everyone, starting from business people, athletes, parents and certainly children.

Today you managed to swim, run, ride a bike, play with your kids in the park or at the beach. Of course you feel good and fulfilled. However, do not jump onto the next activity right away. Stop for a moment, give it a short rest, because your body is not ready to immediately move onto a new activity. That’s why a break is very important, no matter whether it’s active or passive, no matter whether it lasts five or ten minutes, or even an hour, depending on how much time you can afford. Afternoon naps, even during the weekend are irreplaceable, especially if you have very young kids. They really replenish your energy in the right way. Also, don’t forget that our bodies make no difference between the working week and the weekend, and they need to catch up with any lack of sleep.

The same goes for any athlete or a swimmer. Good training doesn’t exist without an even better rest, no matter whether this happens during the preparation period or during a competition. More and more studies show that it’s not the point to “exhaust” the athlete, but how to make him feel well rested for the new challenges. In order to get a proper rest, both professional athletes and children, it goes without saying that a good sleep is a must, but an afternoon nap is always welcomed, and it shouldn’t last longer than 45 minutes.

Therefore, after today’s swimming in the pool with my little shark and fish, I love that moment when they finally feel exhausted and decide to get out of the water on their own, and then become very quiet. This is the right time for a story, to relax and have an afternoon nap. My little shark likes to say: daddy we are not going to sleep now because it’s not dark yet, we are only relaxing now. And he is completely right. Afternoon nap is something we both need to get some rest from the daily dynamics which are imposed by both ourselves and the environment we are in, and recharge our batteries in order to move on.

If you haven’t been able to find that moment to take a break, give it a go and do it for yourselves. No matter whether it includes swimming or an afternoon nap, it’s important that you have it during the day. It’s worth remembering that an active break such as swimming can help you better deal with stress and it improves your sleep.


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