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Be Literate and Swim!

Swimming is like writing or reading to me, it’s an essential part of the way of life. If we were to look at the world around us from this angle, how many of us would actually be literate?Imagine if all children knew how to write, read and swim, it would be truly wonderful! I believe that many parents would also be able to have sweeter dreams.

A couple of days ago my three-and-a-half-year-old son asked me: What can I do if I know how to swim?I wasn’t that surprised, as he has been in the water since he was four months old, but I carefully considered what kind of answer should I give him:

For a start, you can swim the whole world. On the other hand, you can always have fun. When you learn all the swimming techniques, and gain enough self-confidence, you could compete with your buddy swimming 50m free-style, while being watched by that special girl from your class. Swimming will help you develop your muscles through puberty. You will be more ready to deal with daily tasks, and you won’t lack positive energy to do what you want. If you decide to go to university, you would easily enrol at the faculty you want and start swimming for their team. When you get your own kids, you would be able to swim with them just like I have been swimming with you since you were born. And when you get your grandchildren, nothing will be able to stop you at the age of 65 to jump into the pool and feel good about yourself.

I believe swimming should become a part of general knowledge one day.

Swimming is at the start of everything. It’s easier to start swimming than walking. It’s much easier to use swimming to prevent illnesses than to cure them. It’s also easier to learn how to swim before we experience sudden accident in the water and then start learning.

Therefore, choose the easy way, start swimming.

Make sure to include swimming in your life, before it excludes you!


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