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Blog guest: Sebastijan Higl

Sebastijan Higl is one of the most successful swimming coaches in Serbia. He managed to achieve some fantastic successes with swimmers such are Nadja Higl, Velimir Stjepanovic, Caba Siladji, etc. Thanks to swimming, Sebastijan was able to travel the world. As a Swimming Dad #Blog guest, Higl will tell us what happens when he spins the globe, what place he would like to return to, or which continent he is yet to conquer. Sebastijan is currently a coach of the senior Serbian national swimming team, as well as the coach of the Partizan swimming club from Belgrade. At the moment he is in the swimming pool together with Velimir Stjepanovic, who he is preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Travelling and swimming took you to…?

They took me to the places which otherwise I would never be able to visit if there was not for my job as a swimming coach.

In your opinion, do swimming and travelling have anything in common, and what?

Thanks to sport, in this case swimming, as both a former swimmer and now a swimming coach, I managed to visit a great deal of countries. Along with all the things you need to do during either preparation period or competitions, luckily, I was able to see not only the hotel and the swimming pool I was staying at, but also famous sights of the cities I visited. Most of the time these preparations and competitions were around the time when people usually go on holidays, so my travels were often work-related.

When you spin the globe, what place would you like to visit again? And where would you like to go where you haven’t yet been to?

I would like to go back to South Africa, more precisely Cape Town, because when I was there I only had a day and a half to see the city that was chosen to be the most beautiful in the world, but this time I would go with my family. In terms of the continents where I haven’t been to, that would be Australia. I’d like to go there one day, if not on business, then with my family to visit my good old friend and a former swimmer Djordje Markovic who lives there.


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