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Blog guest - Nadja Higl

Nadja Higl, Serbia’s most successful female swimmer, is speaking for the Swimming Dad as a Blog guest. She is the first Serbian female swimmer who managed to become a world champion, European record holder, but above all she is now a mum of two lovely boys.

What does time mean for you? Time, for me, is a relative term… good times are often short (or so they may seem to us), and those less good ones seem to last longer and become never ending. Therefore, as we know time flies, we should focus on the time we have now, this very moment, enjoy all the benefits of life. Because, somehow, all happens for a reason.

Does time heal? Personally, time is not a doctor or some kind of remedy, however, the truth is, some things do become easier over time. In those difficult moments, it is very hard to believe that that situation will probably look silly after couple of years…

Have you got time for swimming since you became a mother? Since I became a mother, I have dedicated all my time to my children, plus my work, so I don’t really manage to go swimming, even though I would love to.

Are you able to find time to take your children swimming? The situation in our country is a bit different as there are no swimming facilities that have ideal conditions for young children, so I don’t take them swimming.


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