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Why is it important that children start learning how to swim from the earliest age?

Swimming from the earliest age “feed” our children with knowledge, skills which trigger not only their mind and body, but also their heart, the skills which awaken their dormant curiosity for their entire life. Our task is to help them master the swimming as easily as possible, if we can in the most interesting way, so that they could feel safer and more secure today and tomorrow at the biggest “playground”.

As long as your child is involved in swimming, he/she is in the world where he/she tries to be the best he/she can. All his/her senses, the locomotor system and intellectual capacities are engaged. While swimming, your child will not only become stronger physically but also mentally. And ultimately, he/she will learn how to overcome any obstacles and challenges that will come in his/her way. Isn’t that what we all need?

9 reasons why it is important that children learn how to swim from the earliest age?

Because in this way they will be:

1. Safe

2. Social

3. Responsible

4. Because swimming is like writing, reading, a basic cultural habit!

Children become better after swimming, because:

5. It boosts their immune system

6. They learn the “code” of healthy habits

7. It develops kid’s intellectual capacity

8. Swimming boosts their self-confidence

9. It makes them smile.

When children learn positive life lessons through sports, there is no doubt they will become honest, reliable adults who will try to help others in need at any moment.

What did baby swimming teach me as a PARENT?

That moment.

When everything else melts away.

And their smile washes over you.

The skin-to-skin contact.

Nurturing, bonding and developing in the warmth of the water.

Why should swimming be a part of every baby’s growing up, and a motivation for PARENTS? Here are my 5 reasons based on working with babies and parents:

1. Water BONDS THE FAMILY and always finds its way to everyone’s heart

2. There is no better RECREATION for a new-born baby and the parents with all the benefits it brings

3. You will get to KNOW your child and yourself, much better through the first challenge and a unique environment and experience

4. Because you will be singing and dancing with your baby for the first time

5. And finally, because you and your baby will be so happy!

Water confidence builds life confidence, for you and your baby, and who can better guide you than the best trained teachers in the world?

Who else but PARENTS!

It is up to all of us to inspire the children, to be their support, both in the water and on the dry through curiosity and acceptance, as the outcome of playing leaves a mark not only on them but also on us.

I hope that through the Swimming Dad community I can bring some nice “touch of warmth and colour”, closer to others in an educational, interesting and relaxed way.

I believe that I can motivate PARENTS to start swimming with kids from the earliest age, feel safe in the water and enjoy it, the way my family does!

Swimming and working with kids in and around water brings a lot of daily challenges andlessons, not only for swimmers but also for us; teachers and coaches. I was learning then and I’m still learning. Swimming with kids is the best partner in raising children to grow up into healthy, good and hardworking individuals.

After all, ...

Does this world really need one more blog, vlog, e-book or podcast about baby swimming? Does anyone really want to listen to my story? As long as we are telling stories from our heart, honestly, and as long as at least one person listens to it or reads it, it’s worth it!

Why? Because no one can tell the story my way, no one fights my battles in life, no one has gained my lessons and authenticity, even across the ocean. That’s why I’m presenting you my story, the Manual: “What should parents know about baby swimming?”

This Manual is not the one where you will find professional language or definitions from the water sports, but the one where, in one place, through personal examples of a dad and a professional with two decades of experience in the world of swimming, you will get the answers to the parents’ doubts, fears about baby swimming, and general information about swimming at a very young age.

Life is better when you're swimming!


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