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Swimming and winter: Why are we afraid of letting our children swim in winter?

It is true that children swim less as days get shorter. The thing is, parents don’t trust swimming much then. Why? Because it means that winter has arrived. That’s why. It’s a rule of thumb that mum and dad give up on swimming in winter. They allow their kids to enjoy swimming only in summer. This is a usual mistake beginners make. Swimming is not a seasonal thing. Why are we so afraid of swimming in winter?

Why are we so afraid of having our children swim in winter?

Many would disagree with me, but cancelling swimming to a child who has just started feeling comfortable in the water in summer, learnt how to breathe properly, or stay afloat… just because winter has arrived is a huge mistake beginners make. I am aware that not all children have adequate conditions to swim and enjoy swimming in winter. It is true that the water is colder then, that the air is chilly, and that the child's nose and throat are more sensitive. It is not true, however, that if they skip swimming in winter, children will avoid seasonal colds. Excuses and parental anxiety are always there. It's all right. But it is our own decision if we will turn swimming into children's winter joy or an eternal fear.

Why is swimming a desirable winter sport for children?

Here are some of the reasons in favour of jumping into the pool with your kids in winter and swim:

1. Swimming makes children more active in winter and alleviates winter depression. Swimming reduces fatigue and lethargy in children. No matter if there is snow, frost or a beautiful sunny day outside, children, but also their families, are much less on the move in winter. In winter, children spend more time sitting and lying down, glued to various types of screens. Like any other physical activity, even if exercised for half an hour in winter, swimming will definitely benefit children in the way that will reduce tension, both of the mind and body. It will bring back the lost energy and a smile on their faces.

2. Swimming in winter will help every child keep those safety and swimming skills active. Children are less exposed to open water in winter. That's why they seem safer to us. What if the child finds himself by the river or lake and something goes wrong, will the season be to blame for the skipped swimming class? Let the children swim and enjoy winter.

3. Swimming in winter also boosts the immune system of children. Swimming in winter can further boost the immune system of children and the whole family. In that way, the body is made more resistant and immune to seasonal colds, and the chance of a child getting ill is minimized.

4. Swimming is always a great way to socialize and make new friends. Swimmers tend to have a great sense of togetherness and friendship, and I have no doubts that you or your child met some new people or made a new friend every time you went to the pool. Nothing can bring people more together than a common “challenge” and sharing an experience. Sometimes it is enough to invite your old friends and share the wonderful experience of going to the pool together during a cold winter!

These are things you already know!

Why do you still have that fear of swimming in winter?

Swimming is a life skill your child needs 365 days a year. Once we realise that swimming is not a seasonal thing, our kids will be much healthier, safer, and more agile, both physically and mentally.

Prejudices are that you should not swim in winter because it is cold and children will get sick ...

As long as the water is warm and you dress well, there is no reason you should not enjoy the pool with your family all year round. All you need is good will and a swimsuit. Then you will find it easier to discover an adequate pool for your child and your whole family. Thanks to numerous sports centres, spas and hotels having indoor swimming pools with hot water, this is now possible in almost all parts of Serbia and the surrounding area.

I know the pool is not always round the corner, but it will do you good to get out of the bed and swim in winter.

Give it a try!

Life is more beautiful when you are swimming!


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