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Sea or the swimming pool, what to choose for this summer?

As the summer holidays are approaching, I constantly hear that famous question “Where are we going on holiday?”. Should we go together with our friends, kids, my sister, alone… Should we go by car, train or plane? Do we need to book a hotel with or without the swimming pool? What is the right choice for you, your family, your kids? Of course, it depends on what we want to get from our holiday.

If you choose to spend your holiday at the seaside, and you have already crossed all those miles to get there, you should try and use it in the best possible way. Swimming pool is always useful if it is a part of your accommodation, but it’s not essential.

Here are a few reasons why to choose the sea instead of the swimming pool, if you are already at the seaside:

  • Morning on the beach: Morning coffee on the beach is essential, while everybody is still asleep. Yes, you can do it around the pool, but there is no that smell and sound of the sea. Morning swim in the sea before breakfast, while the water is still clean, and calm is beneficial in every possible way. Get up early at least once while you are on holiday, and it’s totally worth it.

  • Be an adventurer: Since you are already at the seaside, try at least one other activity in/on the sea that is not swimming. There are so many things you can do on the beach or in the sea that you should definitely try and create an adventure for yourself and/or your family. There are the standard rides: boats, rubber rings, pedal boats, kayaks, even stand-up pedalling. The experience is amazing, no matter if you are on your own or together with your kids. For those adrenalin junkies there are: kites, surfing, water skiing, diving, parachuting, etc. If you don’t have these needs, you can just sit back and enjoy your drink before the sunset and watch the professionals doing them.

  • Waves: You love jumping into the waves and surfing like a child? Treat yourself with this activity and borrow a boogie board from your nephew which can be mastered by anyone and is useful even for smaller waves. If you can’t wait your turn for the board, a simple air mattress would do too. If you don’t like being thrown by the waves or getting your head wet, running in the shallow end after the “broken” waves, on your own or with your kids is also great fun.

  • Beach activities: You should maybe consider some of the organised beach activities such as: minifootball, beach volley, golf, badminton, aqua parks, etc. If there aren’t any, it’s enough that you have: Frisbee, boomerang, kite, or a pair of wooden racquets and a ball and the fun is already there. One cannot enjoy this many different activities around the pool.

  • Traffic jam: It’s never that crowded in the sea, if you want to swim on your own, you will have more than enough space without someone splashing water in your face or jumping on you. You can always find your peace if you swim a bit further from the shore. Also, the noise people make on the beach is more dispersed than the one around the swimming pool. It’s simply not that noisy.

Having this debate whether to stay at the swimming pool or go to the beach while you are at the seaside will always exist. In the same way there will always be pros and cons for both of them. Therefore, I suggest that you listen to your own, and the needs of your family, and I’m sure you will make the right decision this summer!


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