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Blog guest: Marko Bukvic

Marko Bukvic, the official physiotherapist of the Swimming Association of Serbia and a member of the Olympic team of Serbia (2008, 2012, 2016) is speaking about team work and spirit as a #Blog guest for the Swimming Dad. His skilful hands helped many of the famous athletes: Velimir Stjepanovic, Milorad Cavic, Dinara Safina, Milica Mandic, Nadja Higl,… For the last 10 years, Marko has worked for many different international sports teams: Greek Swimming Federation, Judo National Team of Yugoslavia, ATP Tournament in Belgrade, Galatasaraya Volleyball Club from Istanbul, etc.

What does team mean to you?

To me, Team means the same as the family. Sometimes we even end up spending more time with our team members than with our family. True energy, loyalty and trust that is built over time, are the key qualities of this type of family.

What’s it like to be a member of a winning team?

To become a member of a winning team, one needs to be a member of losing team for some time, because it is only then when you are able to truly feel what victory is.

Is swimming an individual sport for you?

Maybe sometimes swimming looks like a lonely sport, but I would never categorise it as an individual sport. It is definitely a team sport, because each success in swimming is supported by a team of experts, other swimmers, family members, or institutions.


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