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A wish...

Morning. At the pool before everyone else. With my little shark and little fish making a wish list for new adventures... Of course, a child’s imagination has no limits. We’re wondering what we could do again, what we could add, which «aquatic» adventure would be most exciting, the place where the waves were most breath-taking, which morning swimming was the most magical one… While searching for the words… The silence of the pool is deafening.

We looked at each other and realised that all our «aquatic» adventures, splashing in the shallow

end, pouring water over the head from a beach toy bucket, diving, all the mischiefs, «falls» into the water, since she isn’t here.

We erased the entire wish list, since we had only one.

To have our mum always with us!

Regardless of the fact that she is the one driving our daily dynamics, let’s go, time to get up, swimming time, a bit of diving now, the dolphin style as well, take off your swimming cap, put on your goggles, let’s change now, dry your hair, etc. every «aquatic» adventure we had would be pointless if it wasn’t her designing it, and then writing it down.. I know it sounds like a cliché, but everything goes so smoothly with her.

In 2019 I want us to take care of our mums, so they could have the energy for all our adventures.

And of course, swim anytime you can. Even though if it’s not on your priority list, swimming and

water can give you room to look at things from a different perspective…

Happy holidays!

Enjoy with your loved ones.


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