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Swimming in the morning is my choice.

Sometimes I wonder whether I am a morning or night person? I do enjoy staying longer in bed in the morning, even though I can’t remember the last time I did that. On the other hand, I love those late-night hours when everything goes silent and I am able to finish some of my own stuff. However, when I got my little shark and fish, I’d say I became a good mix of both types of person. I’m not complaining, just noticing . If I really had to choose, I would go for the morning option. I like using it as much as possible.

I like getting up before anyone in my family, because my morning coffee has a completely different taste then. When I finish it, I start waking up the others and then the action starts. None of them finds it difficult to get up. They are all early birds, and they got used to their morning activities ever since they were born. My little shark started going for a 6 o’clock morning walk with his “tireless” mother. Why would she decide to stay in bed after breastfeeding her son, like most mothers do, when she could go for a walk with her baby along the river or the sea. Then I noticed that she wasn’t the only one.

Physical activity in the morning will not only help you wake up but will also make you feel better. If you bring your child along, the benefits will be even better. If you do this “chore” before the start of your regular working day, you will feel happy that you have already achieved something good for both your child and yourself.

I started practicing her routine myself, so I would also take my kids out, not every morning but at least twice a week. What I enjoy the most is to be the first and only ones at the beach or the swimming pool in the morning. Working days are the perfect opportunity for that. We get to play and swim a lot. Then I return them to their regular daily activities, and I go to work. Honestly, sometimes it feels very difficult to get up, but the sense of feeling refreshed

after these morning activities is something that gives me strength during the day.

If you start swimming regularly in the morning, you would be able to create a very useful routine both for your child and yourself. In terms of your sleep, you would wake up at the same time every day, which is perfect for your health. If you don’t have to go to work, after the morning swim you would be able to sleep like a baby.

If you practice any physical activity in the morning, like swimming, you will be able to speed up your metabolism as well as other physiological processes. Thanks to this accelerated metabolism, you as a parent would be able to burn more calories during the day, even when you are resting. You may know that the cortisol level, hormone that keeps us awake, is the highest in the morning. Thus, the level of your body functions is the highest too. Different researches have shown that physical activity, apart from having a positive effect on your body, also has a strong positive effect on your brain. In other words, exercising contributes to the sharpness of your mind and the speed of your decision making. So, if you exercise in the morning, it will prepare you for different challenges you may have during the day.

Should you decide to have this morning exercise, the possibility of skipping it is also minimal. People who exercise at some other time during the day are usually not so regular in their routine as they need to make the room for it depending on their situation at work, school, or because of some other daily activities.

Morning is definitely the best time to exercise. Use this most natural, active and relaxed time of the day. It can be any type of physical activity.

Swimming in the morning is my choice. What’s yours?


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