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Swimming as a family New Year’s resolution

Is swimming on your list of New Year’s resolutions? If not, please add swimming now. Why? Because swimming is a happy and healthy escape for children and families from their everyday life. It brings back a smile to your face, it brings us together and refreshes our relationships.

Why should you have swimming on the list of New Year’s resolution for your family?

  • Family swimming improves the mood on a weekly basis.

  • Dear parents, swimming is your best friend in raising your children.

  • Swimming makes children and parents safer, and the entire family happier.

  • Swimming "feeds" the family with knowledge and skills that move not only the mind and body, but also the heart.

  • Swimming is a life skill that can save your child's life.

  • Children who swim regularly are not friends with depression, stress, or the feeling of losing the ground under their feet.

All this motivates me to jump into the pool every day and teach children the best life skill, because swimming encourages children and parents and makes them ready for a better future.

They became parents. They got their grandchildren. They want to have a pool in the yard. They are planning to go to the seaside in summer. They will send children to camp. The youngest of the children wants to go kayaking, and the oldest one plans to go fishing with his grandfather. Aunt promised to take the children to a water park. Uncle is making a boat. The godparents announced a week break for the children by the river. Best friends are planning to go hiking and cruising. In order for children to play safely in the largest "playground" in the world - WATER, it is necessary for them to know how to SWIM! That is why they all immediately put SWIMMING on their list of New Year's resolutions!

Swimming is also my New Year's resolution… And that means that I want parents to understand that swimming is not just another fun activity for summer months, but an important life skill that every child should master. If you include swimming in the family list of New Year’s resolutions, you will alleviate the parental fears and doubts about swimming from the earliest age. Because whether we like it or not, each of us influences children and the people around us with our own example of a healthy lifestyle.

Can swimming make a family happy?

  • Swimming is a real elixir of a family’s everyday life. It refreshes and gives energy.

  • Yes, swimming renews all the cells and clogged "pores" of the family.

  • It disperses the weekly "fog" in the head and the "cobweb" in front of the eyes.

  • It restores the eye radiance and the colour to the family face.

  • Swimming gives children and parents a bunch of positive emotions.

  • Believe it or not, swimming has the power to make children and the whole family happy and laugh.

Swimming has the power to improve the lives of children, families, from an early age!

If we allow it, swimming can play a special role in the life of every boy, girl and their family. It is the "virtual battlefield" and an opportunity to grow by mastering various disciplines that water and swimming provide, and also an opportunity to relate to the life values nourished by family and society in and around the water. Because children have a need for roots and wings. Swimming gives them both. They get strong roots from a strong connection with water from the earliest age, while their "wings" mature through expanding their horizons and learning while having a person of trust next to them who introduces them to the aquatic world!

Swimming children are much happier and safer.

How can swimming help parents, mums and dads?

It is water that remembers everything, and is also rejuvenating.

Trust me, swimming gives you the strength not to give up on your parental mountaineering, and once the steepest stage is about to appear, it helps you not give up on yourself either. Swimming gives parents a chance to slow down with all the assignments they have and spend quality time with their family, their children.

Swimming made parenting easier for me by making me realise that if I run out of breath, I should simply accept it, change my swimming technique, take some rest on my back and continue at the pace I find acceptable on that specific day.

Swimming is the sport that has always been the best "parent" of children, and a great friend to every mum and dad, and the whole family! Children deserve us as parents who are better today than yesterday. So, please add swimming to the list of the New Year's resolutions for your family.

Life is better when you’re swimming!


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