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Spin the globe and swim

The school break is about to begin. I am looking forward to the summer months, not only because of the freedom children get when the school and the extracurricular activities are over, but because of the new trips and conquering new destinations.

To me, travelling, in the same way as swimming, are my life style. That is something no one can take away from you. It is sometimes a hassle to pack, unpack, pack again, especially when you have kids… However, when I sit down and go through all the images in my head, read a book, or watch a film that takes me to that very spot, I feel really good, and that feeling is only mine!

Spin the glob, travel and swim because you:

  • Are on the go. In order to reach certain destinations, you need to cross, or swim, many miles. Travelling and swimming can motivate you to always be on the go, sometimes even a few steps ahead. That’s why I have been “on the wheels” with my kids since their second month of age, and in the water from their fourth month. Together we conquer mile after mile.

  • Get to know each other. While you swim and travel you get to meet new friends. Expand your horizons, overcome the prejudices. You explore and experience new cultures. Thanks to swimming and travelling the variety of your friendships becomes so diverse. Therefore, do include your children in your travels, let them swim with you, let them meet your friends and learn the right values, because each city or swimming pool have their own story.

  • Get to better understand each other. It’s incredible how we get to relax and talk to people even though we don’t really speak the language well when we are travelling. You don’t feel ashamed when you make mistakes. Everybody will appreciate your effort to learn to speak their language. It’s the same when you swim, we easily understand each other, especially the kids. When we all speak our own language, the kids are swimming, playing and at the same time understand each other almost perfectly.

  • Relax. Each new travel or stroke make you feel relaxed and “cure” your mind and body. They both allow you to escape your daily routine, even when you travel with your children.

  • Are more confident. Each new trip puts us in new situations where we get to know ourselves better. The same goes for swimming. It’s not necessary to win a medal in order to feel more confident, it’s enough that you go for a swim right away. You will feel much better and prepared to deal with the world around you.

  • Respect time. If you want to use each day of your trip in the best possible way, and see or do everything you want, you need a good plan. In that way you will save your and respect someone else’s time. That rule applies to swimming too. Without a proper training plan, it’s highly unlikely you would just get into the pool and set your swimming record.

  • Have fun. We often forget how important it is to cherish your inner child, and fun is exactly what we need during the day. Travelling and swimming make you feel relaxed, put a smile back on your face, while we are having fun! When was the last time you played a game of cards, Yahtzee, Risk, Ludo… you can play all of this around the swimming pool, on the beach, train, plane or on the park bench.

  • Become healthier, better. Somehow, we are always on the go when travelling. We visit different sights, beaches, and even shopping centres… it’s important that we move! If you get to play a game or two of beach volley or basketball with complete strangers in their neighbourhood, swim with a new friend, you will forget about your back pain… This is because your body is back to its roots, as it needs to move, and not just be still, sitting and lying. It simply got “better”!

After all these miles that we crossed or swam, it’s nice to get back home – even for a while, until your globe starts feeling restless again and you need to spin it.


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