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Brother and sister…

I have an older sister and my wife has a younger brother. My grandfather had five brothers. My grandmother had one brother and three sisters. Today, I have a son and a daughter. They are both quite similar in a way, but actually completely different… No matter that I teach them the same swimming techniques, the importance of each stroke, what the dos and don’ts in and outside the water are, but each jump into the water, both shallow and deep, is totally different. I guess it’s somehow normal!

I watch them grow very quickly, run together, play, swim… Of course, they do what all kids do during the day: they tease each other, pinch, push… but also, there is a great care of the older brother about his sister, so there are also a few hugs, kisses on the cheek. Recently my little fish learned how to kiss back, and not just turn her cheek and expects to be kissed. There is even a greater joy when she releases that “mwah” sound. Last night we were sitting together, and I was reading them a story… out of the blue she stood up, took my little shark by the hand and kissed him on the cheek, then they both turned to me, waved and off they were…

In the life of a parent, these moments are when you should stop, take a deep breath and be happy… This phase of brother and sister (or sister and sister, brother and brother) growing up together should be cherished, because when the “other” one comes, it will be these moments that will help you go through it, even though that one has its own good sides too.

If it were any different, parents would find it rather “boring” if each day would be a smooth sail with no waves!


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