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Blog guest - Milorad Cavic

Milorad Cavic, Olympic medallist, several time world and European champion and record holder, but above all a dad of one adorable boy, is this month’s #Blog guest, talking about winter wonders and swimming with his son.

All swimmers “love” winter, especially when you have those morning trainings?

Find me a swimmer who likes winter, and I will show you a liar! I’m just kidding. As long as the water in the swimming pool is higher than 25C, and there is enough warm water to take a shower, we are more than happy!

Does this mean, since became a father, that winter suits you better?

I have always been a sun loving person, but now I am looking forward to every opportunity I get to play with my son in the snow.

Do you believe we should avoid swimming during winter, especially with children or babies? Or, on the other hand, we should continue going swimming throughout the year?

You should never avoid swimming during winter, especially with kids and babies. Once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget. But that is different with children and babies especially in terms of their comfort and safety in the water.

As I said, as long as the water is warm enough and you dress well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy swimming as a family throughout the year.


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