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It feels as if it were only yesterday. I remember our first joint stroke, jumping into the unknown. It was a magical moment, but full of uncertainties, what’s going on the other side of the edge. I’d had no clue what this water, in which we jumped in together, would have brought us… These 18 years have passed in the blink of an eye.

From the very first moment, we learned together which elements we were missing in our swimming styles. We also improved the best way to breath while swimming. How many strokes exactly we have and how to perfect our flip turns with a strong underwater kick. We swam hundreds of kilometres of both salty and fresh water. We sure had a lot of challenges, because no growing up is easy. Sometimes we were “beaten” by the waves, but we were also brave enough to continue swimming to our safe haven. As time went by, while getting ready to jump of the edge of the pool, we became aware that we were in the right lane, the lane of the favourites.

Today, we jumped into the water together again, diving, swimming and playing. The feeling was even better and more fulfilling that 18 years ago, because this time we had our little shark and the fish waiting for us near the edge of the pool.

How did you celebrate your relationship adulthood?


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