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10 reasons: Why should women swim more?

How should a modern woman integrate swimming in her life? Why should women swim more? Why is swimming good for mummies? We should discuss this topic more often so that our mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, neighbours, colleagues could be much more pleased and healthier!

So let’s say it once again….

Do wives, mothers, «queens» have enough time for themselves today, not to mention swimming? Or they are just struggling with the never-ending «to do lists» they make to themselves keeping them busy from dusk to dawn.

I know, you always have a ready excuse: I’m tired; my back hurts; I need to pick up the kids from

school, take them from point A to point B; I have an appointment at my hairdresser’s, manicurist; I’m having a very important meeting with a client tomorrow morning; I need to cook for tomorrow; I can’t wait to go to bed, I really don’t feel like swimming now; I’m afraid of deep water; I can’t swim, and I feel embarrassed to start with swimming lessons in my 30s; I’m cold, and it’s rainy today, oh, it’s snowing; I’m pregnant; who will look after my baby; my swimsuit doesn’t fit me anymore, and I don’t have a new one; the swimming pool is not that close to my place, and my brother has taken my car, and I don’t feel like taking a bus..

Wait a second you «wife, mother, queen», wait a second, and inhale.

Forget about the excuses and start swimming today.


  • Because swimming is like writing, reading, a basic life habit!

  • Because want it or not, with your personal example you have an impact on your child, people around you when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Because you will be more rested, fresher, in better mood for yourselves and for the people around you…

  • You will love yourselves more, and we will love you more too!

  • You will reduce the pain in you back, shoulders, neck…

  • You can swim while you’re pregnant and keep your body and mind fit

  • When you get a baby, that is a reason more why you should jump into the pool, get your head cool at least for a bit, someone will take care of the baby

  • You will have at least an hour without your children and the well-known cries, noise and bickering…

  • By getting into the water, step by step, you can overcome the long-lasting fear from water, and what is even more important, you won’t pass it on to your dearest ones, children

  • You will be more self-reliant, you’ll get you self-esteem back, regardless of the old or a new swimming suit… and after swimming you will have some time for yourself to go to your hairdresser’s and have a cup of coffee with your best friend!

Have you got any more excuses, or you’re already in the pool, having your time?


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